The Fatima is a white colored limestone, with a color tone towards light beige, with thin to medium grain and uniform background. It presents a very uniform structure, but some occasional thin lines and some darker brown spots. In terms of hardness, this is a soft limestone. It is one of the most uniform white limestones available in Portugal.

Its variations depend on the grain and wether it shows vein cut or cross cut structure. There are several variations of this limestone, but the most relevant ones are:
Fatima Fine grain: the most common type, presenting thin grain and very uniform color and background.
Fatima Medium grain: this variation shows a thicker grain, which enhances the beige color of the stone. This is a harder type, with a very similar look to the well-known Moleanos Classic limestone.
Fatima Vein-cut: with a vein-cut structure, this selection shows a parallel vein structure, instead of the regular spotted background. It has less availability.

  • Fatima Fine grain

  • Fatima Medium grain

  • Fatima Vein-cut

  • Fatima Blue

Extraction area

The Fatima limestone is extracted by several quarries located on the outskirts of the city of Fatima – Portugal. Fatima is an important religious city located in the center of Portugal, roughly 130kms north of Lisbon.

With the exception of few smaller quarries, the extraction of the Fatima limestone is dominated by a large-scale quarry.