Fatima limestone reference project: Oklahoma City Temple

The Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple is a project that used Fatima limestone extensively on both interior and exterior applications. This is a reference project for the Fatima limestone, which displays the amazing potential of this limestone for cladding and interior decoration applications.

The Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple is the 95th operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), built on 2000, is a Mormon temple serving the areas of Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Kansas РUSA.

This is a beautiful building that used Fatima limestone from Portugal for pretty much every applications. The Fatima limestone was used on all exterior wall cladding applications, but also on diverse masonry and stonework. Some landscaping work was also done with Fatima limestone. Interior applications were also required in Fatima limestone, where flooring, staircases and diverse wall coverings applications used this limestone.

The final result is a beautifully looking project, where the light colored Fatima limestone is displayed at its best!

Project Profile

Building Type: Religious / Temple
Location: Oklahoma, USA
Materials: Fatima Limestone
Applications: Exterior Cladding, Covering, Stonework and Masonry


Image Source: Wikipedia