Natural stone review: Fatima Blue limestone

The Fatima is a wonderful Portuguese limestone that normally shows a fine grain structure and very light beige to white color. There is one variation of this limestone called Fatima Blue that shows a particular color and look, which we take a look at here. 

The Fatima Blue is a limestone showing a light grey color, with fine grain structure and occasional dots and small fossils. It shows a light pale grey color, with very little contrast. This is a direct variation of the well-known Fatima limestone.

Despite having a small share of extraction, the Fatima Blue has quite some potential for growth, where grey colored limestones are increasingly scarce and with limited supply. This limestone is an ideal choice for exterior cladding applications, but also for wall coverings, diverse masonry and stonework.

Natural Stone Profile

Name: Fatima Blue
Type: Limestone
Color: Blue / Grey
Applications: Exterior wall cladding; Wall coverings; Masonry; Stonework

Fatima Blue limestone

Fatima Blue Classic limestone

Fatima Blue limestone slab