Best white limestones in the market

White limestone are widely used natural stones with high demand in particular for exterior cladding or flooring applications.

There are few options available in the market in terms of white colored limestone with fine or delicate grain, which are normally very uniform and plain. There is considerable demand for the high selections and normally supply struggles to meet demand. We take a look at some of the best and more relevant white limestones in the market. 

Fatima limestone / Portuguese white limestone

As the most important white limestone from Portugal, the Fatima limestone presents a light color, with a color tone towards light beige, with thin to medium grain and uniform background. It presents a very uniform structure, but some occasional thin lines and some darker brown spots. It is one of the most uniform white limestones available in Portugal.

Fatima white limestone


Limra limestone / Turkish white limestone

The Limra is a white colored limestone from Turkey, with very thin grain and quite uniform background. The Limra is mostly characterized by its plain and uniform white color, as well as limited color tone variation. It is one of the most uniform white limestones available in the market.


Capri limestone / Spanish white limestone

The Capri limestone from Spain shows a fine to medium grain limestone with a light beige-whitish color and a uniform background. The Capri limestone can contain small dispersed spots with a darker brown color. This is a reference white limestone from Spain that has achieved a considerable market.


Semi Rijo limestone / Portuguese white limestone

The Semi Rijo is a white colored limestone from Portugal, with thin grain and a fairly uniform background. It presents some small darker spots throughout its surface and it may have some slight signs of fossils. In terms of hardness, this is a soft natural stone that is mostly used on certain climates and applications.

Semi Rijo white limestone

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