Applications for the Fatima limestone

Fatima is an extremely versatile type of limestone, which due to the fact that is presents numerous selections with different levels of grain, structure and color, it has been used on a wide range of applications.

The Fatima limestone is a type of stone that has been used on numerous applications, ranging from interior to exterior, vertical or horizontal. Because of the wide range of selections, it can present a fine to thick grain, white to beige or blue color, different levels of hardness and so on. This variety allows a considerable range of applications, as we present below.

Exterior paving / Fatima limestone

Despite not being the top application found with Fatima limestone, there are certain types of Fatima limestone selections that would fit in such application, showing either a beige color or a very delicate blue color. The hard types of Fatima limestone are then found on exterior paving with moderate use.

Fatima limestone paving

Wall coverings / Fatima limestone

Here we see fantastic applications on wall coverings with the Fatima limestone vein-cut variation, with a polished surface. In addition to a consistent color, the Fatima limestone adds a fantastic and welcoming feel to any room.

Fatima limestone wall coverings

Interior flooring / Fatima limestone

The consistent color and fine grain of the Fatima limestone makes it a wonderful choice of natural stone to be used on interior flooring, either polished or honed. Its discreet and uniform look makes way for all sorts of furniture and decoration to shine, without compromising aesthetics.

Fatima limestone flooring

Masonry / Fatima limestone

The fine grain selection of the Fatima limestone is a preferential choice for masonry and special cladding jobs. Its fine grain and interesting technical properties, makes this an easy limestone to shape and transform into any sort of masonry project.

Fatima limestone masonry

Exterior cladding / Fatima limestone

The quintessential application of the Fatima limestone is found on exterior cladding. Here, the consistent color, fine grain and large availability of blocks to manufacture, makes the Fatima an unbeatable limestone in terms of supply for medium to large scale cladding projects.

Fatima limestone cladding